Every crack, every pothole, every rough patch and bit of chip seal—the off-limits boneshakers to the smoothest homestretches—the Roubaix isn't resigned to a single day in France, it's made for every road, everywhere. And for models with the all-new Future Shock, rides are now even smoother and even faster.

The Future is Shocking

Roubaix now features our very own Future Shock that gives you a variety of tune options to best fit your local roads, so your ride gets more comfort, control, and efficiency—no matter how rough things get.


Endurance Geometry

It proves that comfort doesn't have to come at the expense of performance. You can expect a wide fit range, plenty of vertical compliance, and a ride quality that begs you to push it farther and faster than ever before.


Born on the Cobbles

Made to win on the harshest roads Europe has to offer, it was the first true endurance road bike. And today, it holds more trophies than any of us would know what to do with. It has a winning pedigree, so we're confident it can handle whatever your local roads have to offer.


The Future Shock breaks the mold of what we thought was possible in bicycle design. Find out how we did it.


To some, smoothness is merely concept. But for the all-new Roubaix, it's the driving force behind every design decision we make.

Introducing the New Ruby and Roubaix