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    Men's RBX Expert Long Sleeve Thermal Jersey

    Nous livrons! Dites simplement quand et comment.

    Depending on where you ride, you might wear a heavy-duty jacket a few times a year, but a long sleeve jersey like our RBX Expert Long Sleeve Thermal Jersey has the potential to be worn on every ride. It's designed to both insulate and manage moisture buildup, keeping you cozy.


    When temps drop to the single-digits, layer on the warmth with our thermal garments. Insulated and moisture-wicking, they’ll keep you feeling dry and toasty.


    Comfort, performance, versatility. RBX garments are made for all riders. This everyday collection offers an array of fits and colors perfect for a wide variety of road rides.

    On-Bike Fit

    Comfort and performance from start to finish. Our patterns are articulated for optimal fit while in the riding position. Nothing should be too tight or too loose to notice while riding on-road.

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