Body Geometry Gel Long Finger Gloves
70,00 $
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Body Geometry Gel Long Finger Gloves

70,00 $
Article Numéro :  130017
Ce gant est conçu pour offrir un confort maximal et un minimum de fatigue grâce à un rembourrage gel Body Geometry stratégiquement positionné au niveau de la paume. La technologie Wiretap™ permet l'utilisation d'un écran tactile sans avoir à retirer le gant.
  • Gel pads are strategically located throughout the palm. Essentially, they act cohesively as a bridge over the palm's recesses in order to relieve pressure on the ulnar nerve. Not only does the ample gel padding work to dampen vibrations that cause fatigue, but by protecting this point, the system also reduces numbness at the hand.
  • Wiretap™ touchscreen compatible for easy use of smartphones.
  • Soft, Gel foam padding is placed across the palm's pressure zones for enhanced comfort and vibration absorption.
  • Reinforced synthetic leather palm is supple and durable.
  • Soft, absorbent Microwipe™ thumb brushes away sweat with ease.
  • Micro-width Velcro® closure is comfortable and won't restrict wrist movement.