You Belong Here

Passion, commitment, and drive. If these three words describe you, then welcome—there’s no better place to put those traits to work than with us. We’re always looking for talented people to play a driving role in our mission to get more people on bikes. Bonus: You’ll have a whole lot of fun while you’re at it.

Bikes rule. Come ride with us.

Senior Concept Designer
Kayla Clarot

"I’ve never had so many opportunities at one time to grow as a designer—you can jump rungs pretty quickly here. It's also one of those places where you can have an idea, design it, pitch it, and if you stand your ground and you really believe in it, the odds are pretty decent that it’ll get made. There aren’t a lot of places like that."

Director of Integrated Technologies
Chris Yu

"I would describe the culture here as active. Not just active in how everyone does something, whether it's like ride, run, Pilates, yoga, or whatever, but even in the way we work—everyone’s constantly moving at a super-fast speed. I think we're also pretty unique in that we're one of the few companies that actually like, live, and breathe the lifestyle."

Programs & Research Coordinator, Specialized Foundation
Kaylee Blevins

"I really like how, with the Foundation, everybody's role is pretty dynamic. We're an "all-for-one, on one for all" team, and it's been cool to see how we give and take with each other's projects. My team is one of my favorite parts of working here, but I also love how everyone at Specialized is really motivated to help get more kids on bikes."

We know that the main reason people leave an employer is because they are not provided with opportunities to learn and grow. We don’t put people in boxes. We believe if you are a high performer and show amazing potential the ‘world is your oyster’. We will provide a framework for you to Drive Your Own Career and be successful in whatever area you choose.
Like our brand, we span the globe. With offices in 26 different countries around the world we will support your development to provide opportunities to work anywhere you choose. South America, Europe or the USA?
For most people working in the sporting industry is not about financial reward. There are rewards that run deeper than providing financial benefit. In saying that, we offer competitive salary packing with opportunities to be rewarded for your efforts over and above your day to day responsibilities. Our rewards are not just financial, we have recognition awards for those who achieve great things and lead by example. Its also important to say thank you.
We understand that the balance and flexibility required between work and life is imperative to your long term happiness and well-being. Are you training for a tri? Do you have a young family? Are you studying? We have workplace policies support a balance between our busy work lives and getting out and doing what we love.
Our products have a profound way of improving people’s lives. Our Employee Purchase Program gives you the opportunity to connect with our products personally and share your own stories. We provide the opportunity purchase all our products at significant discounts. Be warned! One bike is never enough.
We want you to BE SPECIALIZED. Our team comprises of highly dedicated, energetic, fun, thrill-seeking individuals who all work towards the same goals to achieve greatness. You don’t have to be a rider, although it is contagious, but we seek people who will represent our brand across other aspect of their lives, not just work. Check out #iamspecialized
Do you fancy yoga, a massage, an extended lunch break to take a run along the beach or a work-out in the gym? We know that our industry thrives on people who care about their health and fitness and we want to provide you with the best workplace to ensure we get the best of out or you. Our offices are fresh, bright and fun and we have some awesome facilities, equipment and breakout spaces. It’s the perfect home away from home.