Fitness is far from just a fad—for some it’s a yearly goal, for others it’s a way of life. But, no matter where you land on the spectrum, we’re firm believers that bicycles are the best way to achieve your goals. So, whether you’re commuting to work, enjoying the fresh air while working up a sweat, or headed to that new café in the next town over, we have a bike for you.


When you think of fitness bikes, the first words that come to mind might not be “cutting-edge,” “innovative,” or “technologically-advanced.” But our line of fitness bikes house a wealth of innovations that push the absolute limits. So, go ahead and have a look—we’re sure you won’t find these technologies anywhere else.

Comfort & Performance Come First
If you're like us, you're tired of being told that you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Especially when it comes to a bike ranking high in both performance and comfort. Thankfully, we don’t readily conform to norms. No way. We give you the best possible bikes with no compromises. Now you can say goodbye to sacrifices—we put in the work so you don't have to.
Fitness Brain with Multi-Circuit Damping
If riding wherever, and over whatever, you want is your idea of the perfect ride, you're going to love our Ariel and Crosstrail lines. With our Fitness Brain Technology in their suspension forks, they're perfectly suited for all-terrain rides. But what’s so special about it? Well, with Multi-Circuit Damping and our Fitness Brain, the fork does all of the thinking for you to give you the perfect ride. It knows when to be rigid and when to engage over rough terrain, so it's going to be smooth and plush no matter what. Simple, easy, and comfortable—no jagged pogo feelings here.
Future Shock
What are those jiggly bits under the stem on some of our Sirrus bikes? Easy. That's our Future Shock technology. It's kind of like a piston in the head tube with 20mm of travel. A bunch of fancy work with even fancier people went into it, but what's important for you to know (without giving you a physics lecture) is that it adds heaps of performance in the vertical compliance department. With it, all your rides are sure to be smooth, fast, and comfortable. Cool, right? We think so, too.

Cruise Climb Gearing

For years, triple chainring setups have been the norm for fitness bikes, but this fallback can add unnecessary weight, shifts, and honestly, some serious brain power to find the right gear. With our Cruise Climb gearing, though, your shifts are going to be smoother, quieter, and easier, all without sacrificing any of the gears that you’d get with a triple chainring setup. And hey, it looks pretty damn good, too.


What would a Fitness bike be without versatility? Sure, some people might think that just being able to ride on some dirt and pavement adds up to being versatile, but we're not most people. We make our bikes to do all that, too, but we especially take pride in giving you as much safety as possible for some added peace of mind.

Integrated Reflectivity
While style is usually at the top of the priority list, we decided that it should take a backseat compared to safety. That's why our Fitness line features varying degrees of integrated reflectivity. Now, it doesn't matter if you're on a night ride, or if you just want some extra bits to stand out in traffic, we're doing our best to make sure that you're seen.
Plug + Play Compatibility
Fenders are a necessity when it's wet out, but when it's dry, we think it should be easy to take them off. Meet the Plug + Play system. Taking them on and off is super easy, and not only that, they're cleanly integrated, so your bike looks nice and tidy whether they're on or off.
Flow Set Control
Flow Set Control? Huh? Don't sweat it; it's our way of cleaning up the aesthetics of our fitness bikes. After all, most bikes at this level feature externally-routed cables that look, well, a little unorganized. But with our Flow Set Control, the grips, shifters, and brake levers have all been designed to work as a system in order to keep things clean and tidy.
Corrosion-Resistant Hardware
Designed and tested to withstand three years of living outside in harsh coastal environments, our Fitness bikes feature corrosion-resistant hardware that's built to be ridden, not babied. This not only reduces the amount of maintenance you'll have to do, but it keeps your gear looking and running better for longer. Feel free to ride when the conditions are salty or to lock your bike up outside—these bikes can take it.