S-Works Equipment

The S-Works badge stands at the pinnacle of the highest performing equipment on earth. That's because your ride matters to us, and we possess the full knowledge that the fastest frame in the world is only that if it's dressed with the most superlative of components. For this reason, we've been obsessively innovating, testing with pro athletes, and investing in new tech since 1974. And with more Grand Tour and World Cup wins than we can count, we can say that the results speak for themselves. So, when you see the S-Works badge on our equipment, you can be certain that it represents the absolute best we know how to make.

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Parts & Accessories
Model Year
S-Works EXOS Road Shoes
NT$15,000 NT$15,000
S-Works 7
NT$12,000 NT$12,000
S-Works Recon Shoes
NT$12,000 NT$12,000
S-Works Phenom
NT$9,800 NT$9,800
S-Works TT
NT$9,600 NT$9,600
S-Works Power
NT$9,500 NT$9,500
S-Works Toupé
NT$9,500 NT$9,500
S-Works Power Arc
NT$9,500 NT$9,500
S-Works Romin EVO
NT$9,500 NT$9,500
S-Works Romin Evo
NT$9,500 NT$9,500
S-Works Power
NT$9,500 NT$9,500
S-Works Evade
NT$8,800 NT$8,800
S-Works Evade
NT$8,800 NT$8,800
S-Works Evade Tri
NT$8,800 NT$8,800
S-Works Prevail II
NT$8,000 NT$8,000
S-Works Carbon Spider
NT$4,800 NT$4,800
S-Works Carbon Seatpost
Starting at NT$4,500 NT$4,500
S-Works Venge Stem
NT$4,500 NT$4,500
S-Works Turbo
NT$1,600 NT$1,600
S-Works TT Shield
NT$1,080 NT$1,080
S-Works TT Pad Set
NT$360 NT$360