The little things can make the biggest difference. After all, the right tools in your saddle bag will prevent a flat tire from ending your ride, or worse, sending you on the walk of shame down the trail. That's why our line of bike tools was designed to sweat the small stuff, with durable, quality tools that range from torque wrenches and top cap chain tools all the way to dependable tire levers.

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Product Family
Model Year
Road Kit
NT$3,135 NT$3,135
SWAT™ Tire Lever
Starting at NT$1,080 NT$1,080
Road Tube Spool
NT$1,080 NT$1,080
Remora Aero Storage
NT$950 NT$950
EMT 12 Tool
NT$900 NT$900
EMT 6 Tool
NT$450 NT$450
EMT Pro Road Lever
NT$250 NT$250
Remora Straps
NT$216 NT$216