Mountain Bikes

Whether you need to fly uphill with ease, rip downhill terrain at speed, or your rides simply demand all of the above, we've designed and engineered every mountain bike in our line to be the best performing machines for the way that you ride. From ultra-lightweight XC hardtails to our World-Championship-proven FSR suspension designs found on our trail and downhill bikes, you'll find the ideal setup for your riding style.

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Wheel Size
Model Year
Men's S-Works Turbo Levo
NT$360,000 NT$360,000
S-Works Stumpjumper 29
NT$280,000 NT$280,000
Men's Turbo Levo Expert
NT$240,000 NT$240,000
Enduro Pro 27.5
NT$210,000 NT$210,000
Men's Turbo Levo Comp Carbon
NT$195,000 NT$195,000
Men's Stumpjumper Expert 27.5
NT$165,000 NT$165,000
Men's Stumpjumper Expert 29
NT$165,000 NT$165,000
Epic Expert EVO
NT$165,000 NT$165,000
Men's Epic Expert
NT$162,000 NT$162,000
Enduro Elite 27.5
NT$132,000 NT$132,000
Enduro Elite 29
NT$132,000 NT$132,000
Enduro Elite 27.5
NT$128,000 NT$128,000
Men's Epic Comp Carbon
NT$123,000 NT$123,000
Men's Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 27.5
NT$120,000 NT$120,000
S-Works Enduro 27.5 Frame
NT$105,000 NT$105,000
Men's S-Works Stumpjumper 29 Frame
NT$105,000 NT$105,000
S-Works Stumpjumper 29 Frameset
NT$105,000 NT$105,000
S-Works Enduro 27.5 Frameset
NT$105,000 NT$105,000