On Sunday the great and good of professional cyclocross will line up at the World Championships in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium. Zolder is in the heartland of European cyclocross, and the course is famed for fast, technically demanding races.
Wednesday 27 January 2016 | Details

XC racing doesn't begin at the start line on race day. It starts in the cold, early morning hours, when you're the only one up, fussing with your kit under the glow of a smartphone screen.
Thursday 21 January 2016 | Details

Specialized Catalogues 2016

It's finally here: Check out the new 2016 line in our online catalogue.
Wednesday 06 January 2016 | Details

Forget the vernal equinox, there’s a certain subset of road racing fans who fully believe that the official start of spring is the exact moment that the peloton sails past San Nicolò, takes a gentle right hand turn, and sets its sights on San Remo.
Friday 01 January 2016 | Details

In the straight of Georgia, nestled between Vancouver Island and British Columbia, you'll find the Gulf Islands. Comprised of hundreds of islands, all varying in size and topography, the Gulf Islands play host to an awesome network of trails, each only accessible by boat.
Tuesday 15 December 2015 | Details

Marcel Kittel could easily be considered the nicest guy in cycling, if nothing else, he's among the more humble sprinters to ever dominate a Tour de France. And if your mental wheels are turning, yes, this is a contradiction to the ultra-masculine bravado and cunning that sees sprint squads dress as ancient Romans on rest days and Team Cinzano put a frame pump in Dave Stoller's spokes.
Tuesday 08 December 2015 | Details

Irresistible Tires

f you read VeloNews, you’ll see that they’re saying something that we and our athletes have known for a while now – that we make the fastest tires. Leonard Zinn took 34 tires to the Wheel Energy Oy laboratory in Nastola, Finland.
Monday 23 November 2015 | Details

John Muir once said: To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world. And after a chance encounter in the backcountry of Mexico led him to Alaska, Matt Hunter would soon discover firsthand just how right he was.
Monday 16 November 2015 | Details

It's You, Only Faster

The moment you push that button on the new Turbo, your world will change. Colors become more vibrant, people more enamored with you, and life takes on a different hue.
Thursday 08 October 2015 | Details

You might think choosing songs for an adventure-themed digital mixtape would be a no-brainer. Just grab a playlist pot, chuck in a few classics—I’ve Been Everywhere, the Go-Go’s Vacation, for starters—stir vigorously, and voila! You have yourself a soundtrack for adventurous souls, ready to hit the road, right?
Sunday 04 October 2015 | Details`