Weather. The Great Equalizer.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

If there’s one thing we can’t control, it’s the weather. Weather doesn’t care if you’re out for a fast tempo ride or a long epic ride in the mountains. It’ll just blow in unannounced and literally, "rain on your parade." Thankfully, there is something we can control- how we choose to dress for it.

When it comes to riding in adverse conditions, our basic needs are the same- we all need to stay warm, dry, and move perspiration away from our bodies. But there are different, rider-specific factors at play when it comes to dressing for the ride. Where we ride, how we ride, and even how our bodies react to temperature compared to others all play a role. The Specialized Apparel Team recognizes this and has completely re-thought, re-designed and re-fit the entire Fall/Winter collection based on your ride-specific needs.

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Element = Wind + Water + Warmth
Snow Water Wind Cold

To some, it looks daunting. Fat flakes and messy slush, slick roads and frigid air. But there are those among us who live for rides like this, confident in the knowledge they can beat the wind, deny the cold, and exorcise the damp. They know there is no weather that can’t be slain by a jacket with Gore Windstopper Soft Shell Technology, the perfect tights, and hydrophobic, water resistant Ax suede fit palm gloves. On days like this, they simply suit up, clip in and get on with the ride. They’re in their Element. Literally.

Deflect = Wind + Water
Snow Water Wind

Battle lines are drawn. A rude wind cuts across the face of the day, while a chilled splash from an errant puddle rises up from the road. You are impervious to it all. Unaware of this war of wind and water, you slice through the scene. A chest protected by Deflect 2.5 wind/water resistant armor, legs confidently turning in a dry, comfortable rhythm. The mighty wind, a persistent soak—these are worthy adversaries. Unfortunately, they’ve met their match with Deflect.

Therminal = Warmth

Ah, there it is. That satisfying crunch of leaves under wheel, a crisp blush of chilled air on the cheeks, and you, deliciously warm in your Therminal insulating brushed-back fleece gear. This is your season. Where the road stretches out long and cool, through burnished foliage and on, toward a hot coffee and a pastry. These are your roads, pleasantly uncluttered by summertime-wannabes, and where your autumn bounty includes a harvest of quiet miles. This is the secret—winter may be on the horizon, but the time to ride is now.