First Gear
We believe that the bicycle is the best way to provide any child, anywhere, with freedom, independence, health and joy. Together with our partners and riders we’re helping to build a world in which every child has use of a bicycle, skills to operate it confidently, and places to ride it safely.
High School MTB Comes to the Big Screen
Pit zones the size of football fields. Professional mechanics. A cacophony of cowbells. Fields of racers a dozen rows deep. Read more...
Specialized Dealer in Kentucky Bringing Bikes to School
Specialized dealer Pedal The Planet enhanced a bicycle program for students at Woodford County Middle School. Read more...
A Father's Note From Take a Kid Mountain Biking Dday
Becoming an adult can sometimes have an adverse effect on riding – if you pay rent, or a mortgage, you probably know what I’m talking about – responsibility kicks in, and sometimes ride time suffers – especially if you’re enjoying the bliss that is parenthood! Read more...
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