From high-performance helmets for racing to trusty about-towners, we’ve got you covered. 


Whether you want to explore remote trails or sprint against buddies on the road, you’ll find the perfect shoe here. Need something on and off the bike? Done. How about tough and durable? Done. Light and breathable? You’ll find that too. 

Mountain Apparel

You need gear designed to match your riding style: smooth, fast, free, and loose. When you’re pinned wide open over roots and rocks the last you want is your clothing interrupting your flow. Our focus is delivering the gear to help you maintain your mountain rhythm, with technical, lightweight materials that give you freedom to move, and styles that lift the game in the looks department. A cohesive flow needs a cohesive look, achieved this year with collections—coordinated helmets, gloves, jersey’s and shorts. 

SWAT Technology

SWAT (Storage, Water, Air, Tools) technology incorporates bikes, riders, and equipment by putting all necessities in a clean, sleek, and aerodynamic location that’s easy to access. 


Our gloves connect you to the bar in a way that delivers great feel, control, confidence and protection with materials and construction designed to keep you riding. 


Little things can make a big difference. The right tools in your saddle bag will prevent a flat tire from ending your ride, while durable and well-designed travel bags make the trip to the ride a little easier. 

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