The CVNDSH Collection

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The CVNDSH Collection by Specialized is a complete road cycling apparel line inspired by Mark Cavendish personally and his career accomplishments. The line was an integrated partnership between Mark’s own CVNDSH brand and Specialized. Ranging from a full kit, to shoes, to saddle, to bike, it’s a cohesive package of smartly designed products that harken both Mark’s winning spirit and his attention to timeless style. It’s the first time Specialized has created an entire rider-specific line, one that expertly blends bold design with modern technology.

Faster than fast

Cavendish and Specialized have had a long-running positive relationship with Mark winning some of his biggest races aboard Specialized products. Mark has always pushed Specialized for the most technically advanced equipment possible, so when the two agreed to collaborate on a collection the outcome had to meet a certain standard. See complete collection.>

The CVNDSH Collection: