Everything you need, right where you want it

Monday, March 17, 2014

An acronym for Storage, Water, Air and Tools, SWAT technology integrating bikes, riders, and equipment, by putting all necessities in a clean, sleek, and aerodynamic location that’s precisely where you want them.


Breaking news: taping tubes and tools to your race-prepped Epic or Stumpjumper hardtail is bush league. Why not ditch that bad habit and simply run the SWAT MTB Kit? It allows you to carry your ride essentials on the bike, eliminating your bulky hydration pack crammed with years worth of “Dooms Day” supplies, or the need to strap necessities on your frame with electrical tape. Innovations like the Top Cap Chain Tool will get you cranking in a pinch; while the Zee Cage-mounted SWAT Box can hold a CO2 cartridge, levers, tube, or the trail treats of your choice. Not the XC racer type? No need to cry in your beer. Our Camber, Stumpjumper FSR, and Enduro machines conveniently accept the Zee Cage-mounted EMT multi-tool and Top Cap Chain Tool.

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Triathletes can win and lose races in the transitions. Therefore cutting time from the swim to the bike is crucial to success in the sport. Taping gels and bars to your bike frame like some type of bad Modernist installation collage done by a hypoglycemic art student is not the best solution to this quandary. Enter the Shiv and Alias’ Fuelselage, Fuelcell, Remora, and saddle Reserve Rack—slick, integrated, and aero nutrition storage system that keeps your food right where you want it, and the tape in the garage.

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