Wednesday, August 6, 2014


It all started with a pretty simple question: “Is smoother faster?” Ten years later that very question has defined a category. When the Specialized Roubaix first burst onto the scene with its endurance geometry and Zertz vibration damping inserts, many thought it was just another gimmick. Five wins in the last seven years at Paris-Roubaix would suggest otherwise. Thanks to its race-proven design and engineered compliance, the Specialized Roubaix has proven that when the conditions are rough, smoother will always be faster.

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The strength of the Roubaix lies in its two-stage approach towards eliminating road buzz. The proprietary Zertz inserts smooth out high frequency vibrations while the Roubaix’s engineered compliance, via specially designed chainstays and fork blades, dissipate lower frequency hits. The two systems work together allowing the Roubaix to maintain its structural integrity without compromise – allowing you to ride longer and faster.

“Comfort meets world-class performance. Even with a lengthened wheelbase and radical curves-all designed for shock-absorbing vertical compliance-the frame is still so light and laterally stiff that pros race it on the open road.” -Outside Magazine

“For the rider looking to maximize performance while taking the edge off of everything from chip-sealed pavement to dirt roads, the Roubaix is the clear choice.” –Velo Magazine

"…this bike eats miles as if they were bites of filet mignon. No wonder: Its sole purpose is to transfer every ounce of power to the wheels.” -Men’s Journal

“…this is the liveliest Roubaix ever, which means it’s the liveliest endurance bike ever, as the SL3 already set the standard.” - Peloton Magazine

“[The Roubaix] rolls almost silently over rough roads. It can rocket out of a hairpin turn, power over the next summit, then hold a steady line across cracked pavement or dirt.”- BicyclingMagazine

In a category it defined, the Roubaix still leads the field where it matters most – weight, torsional stiffness and bottom bracket stiffness. Yet another reason it’s the bike of choice for teams like Omega Pharma – Quick Step when the road gets rough.