Thursday, May 3, 2012


In the industry we call it advocacy, but really, we’re just helping more people ride bicycles more often. As avid cyclists, we understand how important the bicycle is for progress. It’s a tool that can make our cities more livable, our world more fair, and our children healthier.

For Specialized, it’s a long-term game – our efforts today to improve cycling infrastructure, trails and programming all contribute to our ultimate vision for the future: every child riding a bike.


The First Gear initiative was born out of a fundamental need to get more kids riding bikes. Set a kid riding and you set them on a winning course for life: You help defeat childhood obesity and attention deficit disorders. You give them a chance to progress and even excel in a sport. And you develop healthy habits that last a lifetime. If the First Gear initiative inspires others to take up the cause, that's a win-win. Join In!