Look good AND have specifically engineered performance benefits? Sounds like a no-brainer. S-Works equipment benefits from the same level of intense dedication to performance that our bikes do. It creates a seamless package on the bike that has the singular focus of helping make you the best rider you can be. Of course it doesn't hurt that the stuff also looks pretty awesome too.

Performance Road - Have you met Fred? He's an amiable enough fellow, albeit decidedly misguided when it comes to the finer nuances of "cool". Not to worry though, we've got you covered. The S-Works line of products not only look great, but provide next-level performance to ensure you only have to concentrate on riding faster. Speaking of faster, the new S-Works Evade helmet offers you the aerodynamic advantage of a TT helmet without sacrificing on ventilation or comfort. Helping to keep all that fast on the tarmac are the new S-Works Turbo Tires, featuring our proprietary Gripton compound, which offer the speed and traction the Omega Pharma - Quick Step team demands. It's a cohesive package of elite-level products that will help take you to the next level and ensure no one will ever "accidentally" call you Fred.

XC - Cross-Country is synonymous with lightweight equipment and ultimate efficiency, but it is possible to look cool going fast—we promise. So, yank those cotton balls from your nose and check out our all-new S-Works XC shoe. It is unmatched in comfort, fit, and power transfer to the pedal, plus features the super-dialed BOA closure system. Breaking news: taping tubes and tools to your ultra-spendy XC bike is bush league. You can ditch that bad habit and simply run the SWAT MTB Kit, which allows you to carry ride essentials on the new Epic or Stumpjumper, eliminating your bulky hydration pack crammed with years of "Dooms Day" supplies. The sleek kit features innovative gadgets to make your life easier, such as the Top Cap Chain Tool, plus the cage-mounted SWAT Box to hold a CO2, levers, multi-tool, tube, and the trail treats of your choice.