Tuesday, October 1, 2013

After a decade of dominating XC mountain bike racing, the world championship and Olympic gold winning Epic breaks new ground. An array of innovations—lighter and stiffer frames, advanced suspension technology, new Roval wheels, SWAT storage systems, and more—make the fastest bike on the trail even faster.

To build the next generation of the Epic, the largest and most talented team of engineers, designers, product managers, and riders was assembled. Meet the people that brought the new Epic to life.

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XC racing has evolved. When the Epic was first launched, race formats were fairly consistent. Now, what's described as "cross-country" can be anything from a one hour short track event, to week-long stage races like the Cape Epic. To make sure XC racers have the fastest bike possible for such diverse conditions, the Epic now has a fraternal twin: the Epic World Cup.

It's all about the fastest ride. The new Epic frame is lighter & stiffer, features better suspension action, and can carry everything you want right on the frame. An entire team of engineers and designers spent years squeezing every bit of performance and cutting every non-essential gram. What remains is a purpose-built race bike that looks the part (not that looks matter).

Naturally, all Epic bikes take advantage of FSR 4-bar linkage. This patented and proven system is fully active (always able to respond to bumps) and fully independent (virtually unaffected by rider's pedal input or braking forces). FSR is enhanced by an all-new and finely tuned Mini Brain rear shock. When a rider encounters a bump, an inertia valve disengages, allowing oil to flow and the shock to immediately transition from firm (efficient) to fully active (compliant).

Apart from the frame, the most important component on any bike is the wheel. Many Epic models feature Roval carbon wheelsets that are lighter, stronger, and stiffer than their alloy counterparts. Weight is critical, not just in climbing performance, but also in how the bike handles. New technologies like Zero Bead Hook keep wheels in-true longer and make them better able to absorb impacts.

Storage. Water. Air. Tools. More than a clever acronym, every new Epic bike features some level (stage) of SWAT, allowing fully integrated transport of critical items that every rider needs before hitting the trail and can reduce/eliminate the need to wear a pack. The SWAT items are strategically placed to distribute weight and allow easy access. For example, a chain tool is securely tucked beneath the stem cap.

We set out to shave every possible gram through integrated designs of frames and components. The completely new FACT carbon crankset sets the benchmark for stiffness and is sleeker and lighter than before, thanks to a new spider design that partners with either single or double chainring setups.