From high- performance helmets for racing to trusty about-towners, we’ve got you covered.  


Whether you want to explore remote trails or sprint against buddies on the road, you’ll find the perfect shoe here. Need something on and off the bike? Done. How about tough and durable? Done. Light and breathable? You’ll find that too. 

Road Apparel

Our apparel is styled for how you ride, with a fit that’s engineered for comfort and moves with you. And now, all Specialized apparel features our proprietary, wearable UV skin protection with DeflectUV fabric. Suit up. It’s time to ride! 

Mountain Apparel

Different riders have different styles, and the mountain apparel is designed specifically for the terrain they choose to ride. 

Winter Apparel

If there’s one thing we can’t control, it’s the weather. Weather doesn’t care if you’re out for a fast tempo ride or a long epic ride in the mountains; it’ll just blow in unannounced and literally ‘rain on your parade’. Thankfully, there is something we can control—how we choose to dress for it. The Fall/Winter Collection is designed to protect you from every adverse condition you may encounter, enabling you to ride all year ‘round. 

SWAT Technology

SWAT (Storage, Water, Air, Tools) technology incorporates bikes, riders, and equipment by putting all necessities in a clean, sleek, and aerodynamic location that’s easy to access. 


Our gloves connect you to the bar in a way that delivers great feel, control, confidence and protection with materials and construction designed to keep you riding. 


Little things can make a big difference. The right tools in your saddle bag will prevent a flat tire from ending your ride, while durable and well-designed travel bags make the trip to the ride a little easier. 


Looking to surprise a rider that has an ever-growing wish list? A Specialized gift card is the perfect choice.