So entstand die Body Geometry Fit Methode

Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

The BodyGeometry Fit method was developed in a joint venture between Dr. Andy Pruitt, Director of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, and Specialized, because we felt it was the biggest opportunity to improve the riding experience for any level of cyclist. 500+ Body Geometry Specialists are trained each year through intensive Specialized Bicycle Component University courses at our offices worldwide. This process is scientifically proven to improve knee tracking, reduce injury and increase power, and is the same method that is used with top professional riders in all cycling disciplines. Body Geometry Fit is a 2.5 hour process starting with a rider profile interview, followed by a 20 step physical assessment and 15 step on-the-bike equipment adjustment. Afterwards, your Body Geometry Specialist will provide you with thorough documentation and schedule a follow up session to ensure your satisfaction with your final position.