Nibali Gets Ready for 2013 With S-Racing and Body Geometry Fit

Friday, December 20, 2013

Following his recent signing with Astana, Vincenzo Nibali and his new bike sponsor, Specialized, have completed an in-depth two-day performance test, focused on improving Nibali’s TT performance. The test was organized and run by Specialized’s S-Racing Performance Team, a dedicated in-house team of bicycle technology and biomechanics experts, who support all of Specialized’s professional athletes, including Specialized’s 4 WorldTour Teams.

Day one of testing introduced Nibali to the new Specialized bikes, equipment, and services he will rely on through the 2013 season, including Specialized Body Geometry Fit Service, Shiv TT bike, S-Works McLaren TT Helmet, and S-Works Road Shoes. Then the entire entourage traveled to Montichiari velodrome for day two to validate the Body Geometry Fit results utilizing S-Racing’s data acquisition and benchmarking at the velodrome. Over the course of the test, Sean Madsen, Specialized Body Geometry Fit Manager, applied multiple positions that were tested.

“I am super excited to have one partner to manage and discover my performance with the bike, shoes, helmet and position on the bike,” said Nibali. “The second day in the velodrome was amazing. I had no idea what Specialized could do with technology to help me get more performance.”

“While Nibali was originally reluctant to try the (S-Works Road) shoes, he instantly realized how great they felt” remarked Simone Toccafondi, S-Racing Global Manager, “The S-Works McLaren TT helmet was also originally challenging to fit, but by the end of the test it was perfect and showed an aerodynamic performance advantage.”

“Nibali will need to train his body to the new position, but his Body Geometry Fit helped to recruit more musculature for pedaling while lowering frontal surface area” said Madsen. “We will continue to work with him in the coming months. He looks really fast, we are all excited to see him race.”

Meanwhile, back in Specialized's Milan office, Italian Managing Director Ermanno Leonardi was equally enthusiastic about the addition of Nibali to the Specialized family. "It is exciting to have such an Italian champion on our bikes, our equipment, and now also benefiting from Body Geometry Fit. We're honored to work with him, and based on the data we've seen today, the Italian fans will be able to watch him race even faster this year."

Anxious to see what else Specialized and S-Racing can do to help him further, Nibali finished his day’s testing asking, “When are we going to do this again? What’s next?”

Vincenzo Nibali is an Italian professional road bicycle racer who rides for UCI ProTeam Astana. Born near the Strait of Messina, Nibali's nickname is the "shark of the strait" or simply "the shark."